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Kidney / Liver / Heart / Lung / Bone Marrow Transplants

Organ transplants caters to patients who are in a critical need of an organ that has failed owing to diseases and complications. A lot of organs can be harvested from a either a living or a dead human being, who opted for ogran donation,  in order too serve humanity and transplant into a patient whose similar organ has failed functioning because of complications. There has been a surge in the patients coming for bone marrow transplantation in India owing to low costs and specialized hospitals providing the treatment. A lot of other transplants like the liver and kidney transplant in India, have noticed a rise becuase of the donor availability and less stringent laws on organ donation in India. In a lot of countries, as soon as there is a need of an organ transplant, the patient is put on a waiting list till the time a donor is available. India has become a preferred destination for organ transplants because of a high rate of donor availability and organ donation in India. 

Kidney Transplant in India

Kidney transplantation is a form of an organ transplantation in which a healthy kidney from a donor is transplanted into a patient with both the kidneys damaged due to an end stage renal failure disease. A lot of patients world-wide, who have been suffering from an end stage kidney failure and require a donor kidney come for a kidney transplant in India. The kidney transplant can be categorized in different forms depending upon the source of the organ. If the organ for kidney transplant has been harvested from a living person its is called as a living donor, and if the organ has been harvested from a person who has just died, then it's called a cadaver donor. The survival rates after after a kidney transplant in India are very high and there are very rare occurences of organ rejection and failure. The success is also attributed to a pool of hospitals developing organ banks to promote organ donation in India. 

Liver Transplant in India

The liver is the one of the most important and the largest organ of the human body. Some of the most complex functions like making the body protiens, extract and store nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the food, regulating blood clotting and removing bacteria from the blood. Liver transplantation is required by a person when the liver fails to perform these functions due to conditions like cirrhosis, fibrosis, hepatitis or an end stage liver failure. There are a lot of hospitals facilitating liver transplant in India for people with an end stage liver failure and are looking for a donor. Liver transplant in India has been more successful than ever before, and the procedure is always improving as a lot of research is conducted so as to reduce the risks associated with a liver transplant surgery.



Bone Marrow Transplant in India

Bone marrow is the tissue component found inside of the bones and is responsible for one of the most important functions of the body, i.e. manufacturing the red blood cellls. Red blood cells perform the essential function of transporting the oxygen to the body tissues via the haemoglobin. Bone marrow transplants can be done to deal with sever disorders of the bone marrow such as cancers, myeloma, lymphoma, leukemia which are all the cancers associated with the blood. A bone marrow transplant or stem cell transplant can restore the ability of the bone marrow to start producing new red blood cells. It can also fight the after effects of complex procedures like chemotherapy or radiation therapy that affects the cell producing ability of the bone marrow. Hundeds of international patients arrive to get a bone marrow transplant in India, because of the high transplant competency and very stringent infection control practices that are a must for a bone marrow transplant procedure.

The bone marrow transplants are generally categorized on the basis of the source of the donor. Autologous bone marrow transplants are the one in which one's own bone marrow is harvested and stored. After the treatment the stored bone marrow is again transplanted back. Allogenic transplants are the ones that have been taken from some donor, mostly a genetically related donor like a sibling, or other blood relative. The allogenic transplants are supported by the various organ banks set up by the hospitals for organ donation in India. 

 Heart Transplant in India

A person needs a heart transplant when an end stage heart failure has been diagnosed or the heart has been severely affacted by the coronary artery disease. A person suffering from an end stage heart failure, or severely scarred heart tissues from CAD, but who is otherwise healthy, can get a heart transplant procedure done. A healthy heart is taken from a recently deceased person( also called cadever allogenic heart transplant), and transplanted into the patient diagnosed with an end stage heart failure. The original heart of the recepient could be removed altogether or kept in place to support the new donor heart. The decesion depends on the team of the surgeons and on how healthy the donor heart is. 

Lung Transplant in India

A lung transplant is required by a patient whose lungs have been partially or completely damages by a severe lung disease like cystic fibrosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD), idiopathic pulmonary hypertension etc. Lungs retrieved from a deceased donor are transplanted into the recepients with end stage lung disease, and can thus improve the quality of breathing and elongate the life span by several years. The donor from whom the lung is harvested should have a blood and tissue type compatible with the recepient for eliminating the possibilities of organ rejection.

The success of a lung transplant is dependent upon a lot of internal and external factors. A lung transplant is successful only in case the patient has stopped smoking, drinking and drug abuse. Also aged people, i.e more than 70, are less likely to benefit from a lung transplant operation as compated to the ones under 60-65 years of age. 

Allogeneic Transplant

Allotransplantation is the transplantation of cells, tissues, or organs, to a recipient from a genetically non-identical donor of the same species. The transplant is called an allograft, allogeneic transplant, or homograft. Most human tissue and organ transplants are allografts.



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