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Rejuve India Meditour Pvt. Ltd. would like to invite affiliates from various countries for a rewarding and successful association with us. In order to become an affiliate with Rejuve India Meditour Pvt. Ltd. please fill the form below and send it across an we well get back to you with more details of our affiliation programs.

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Note: There is no eligibility criteria for becoming and Affiliate with Rejuve India Meditour. The opportunities to grow and excel is for one and all.

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02 March 2017

Sex-Change Surgery: India\'s New Line In Budget Medical Tourism

After decades of battling depression, former soldier Betty Ann Archer finally flew to New Delhi to complete her gender transition, one of a growing number of foreigners heading to India for budget sex-change operations. Born Dale Archer, the 64-year-old American said she felt trapped in the wrong body right from the start, recalling secretly trying on her mother\'s dresses as a boy -- much to the horror of her conservative military father. \"I attempted to kill myself twice...

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