Domestic Patients

Domestic Patient

Don't Know Delhi ? no issues, we know it better than anyone else.

Rejuve India MediTour takes equal responsibility and interest in rendering services to the Indian patients who are remotely located and somehow not able to access services in the advanced cities like DELHI/NCR. We strive to provide the best possible treatments available to the Indian patients according to their affordability. We offer customized services that could be very much inside the budget of a middle class Indian household. We may also get the patients treated in Government hospitals as per the preference and the affordability of the patient.

We at Rejuve India Meditour provide the Following facilities to the domestic patients :

  • Case Analysis after getting reports/medical history from the patients with one of the best doctors in one of the most reputed hospitals.
  • Establishing a face to face consultation over the internet between the pateint or the patient's local doctor and the specialist doctor in one of the best hospital in Delhi/NCR.
  • Booking Ticktes(Railways, Airways, Roadways) for the Patients and Attendants to come over once they have made up their minds to get treated through Rejuve India Meditour Pvt Ltd.
  • Providing value accomodations throughout the city in proximity with the treating hospital as per the affordability of the patient.
  • Assisting the patients during the entire process of pre op consultation, admission, post op consultation.
  • Local Conveyance throughout the city.
  • Ambulance services in case the patients need life support on the way from the airport to the hospital.
  • Local SIM with handset to avoid roaming charges.
  • 24*7 Internet Support
  • Nursing staff to visit the hotel once the patient has been discharged and recuperated.
  • Offering optional tours of Delhi.
Telephonic Support

Domestic pateints can call us at 90909309434 for both English and Hindi languages. A patient support executive who specialises in Indian patients preferences and concerns would be ready to answer all your queries, and initiate the process of your treatment as soon as possible.

Email Support

All the India patients can get in touch with the Rejuve India Meditour domestic team at the following email address. Please note that you can write emails in any Indian language and our local language expert would get back to you as soon as possible.( a maximum of 2 business days).



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