Why should one choose Rejuve India Meditour Pvt. Ltd. over other medical tourism companies?

  • Professionalism : A group operated by professionals from different industries like Hospitals, Health Centers, IT, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism.
  • ISO Certified : An ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, conforming to the quality management model and consistently providing services that meets customer expectations. 
  • JCI, NABH and NABL accreditation : Collaboration with NABH, NABL and JCI accredited hospital and health care provider equipped with state of the art equipment and internationally qualified doctors.
  • Patient-centric Approach- Rejuve India Meditour is a patient centric organization rather than a hospital centric organization and works in the best interests of the patients both in terms of budget constraints and other preferences.
  • New Delhi : Based out of New Delhi that is not only the capital city of India but also infrastructural one of the most advanced city of India. Also new Delhi being a tourist destination itself is a tourist friendly city.
  • Local Travel24*7 Dedicated travel and nurse assistance.
  • Language no barrier- All of Rejuve India Meditour executives are well versed with English and can communicate effectively with all English speaking patients/attendants. We also have interpreters who are well versed with languages like Arabic, Persian, Russian, German etc.
  • Immediate Treatment : No waiting time for the treatments to start and beds available in all the hospitals.

Why should one choose India for Medical Tourism?

An obvious question comes to the minds of every patient who is considering medical tourism as an option to receive world class medical treatment at affordable costs, how to choose the country providing the medical tourism facilities among a list of available options. India emerges as a clear winner out of all other medical tourism countries because of the following reasons:-

  • Most Competitive Prices - India because of it abundant pool of highly qualified doctors and enormous infrastructure provide the most cost effective treatment among all the major medical tourism providing nations. India provides treatment at around 6%-20% of the US costs, that is cheapest among all the medical tourist countries like Thailand, Singapore etc.
  • No Waiting Time - India, because of abundance of Hospitals and doctors, offers immediate treatment without any waiting time. Treatments begin the day patient lands in India.
  • Internationally Trained Doctors : India has got an enormous workforce of skilled doctors and most of them have been trained internationally. 
  • No Language Barrier- India is the largest English speaking nation of the world and all the doctors as well as the nursing staff is well versed with English.
  • Diverse Culture and Landscapes - India is culturally the most diverse nation of the world and offers tourists from all over the world to have an unforgettable experience. India has a rich flora and fauna and is home to a lot of wildlife sanctuaries like Ranthambore, bharatpur, sariska, kaziranga, Jim Corbett National Park, Gir etc and is an ideal tourist location.

What are the accreditations held by Indian hospitals?

  • Almost all the hospitals that we have collaborated with are NABH(National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Health Care Centers), NABL( National Accreditation Board for Laboratories) and JCI( Joint Commission International) accredited. These hospitals provide the most advanced and state of the art treatments available in the world.
  • India has a total of 19 JCI accredited hospitals, 183 NABH accredited hospitals and 5 NABH accredited Wellness Centers.

Does Rejuve India Meditour provide any Insurance services?

Rejuve India Meditour doesnt provide any Insurance services but can assist the patients in getting insured through companies providing insurance(which would add to the total cost the patient has to bear).

What are the different kinds of Visa for medical tourists planning to come to India?

  • Medical Visa(MED) - A foreign national can get a medical visa if he/she intends to avail medical treatment only in reputed/recognized specialized hospitals/treatment centers in India. Up to two attendants who are blood relatives are allowed to accompany the patient. The visa duration starts on the day of issuance, and not on the day of entry to India.
  • Medical Attendant Visa(MEDX) - As discussed up to two attendants who are blood relatives are allowed to accompany the patient. The attendants can apply for a Medical Attendant Visa, that is coterminous with the Medical Visa of the patient.

The initial validity of the above two Visas may be up to a period of one year or the period of treatment , whichever is less. This period can be further extended by up to one year by the State Government/FRROs on the production of medical certificates/advice from established/recognized/specialized hospitals/ treatment centers in India.

The Visa is valid for a maximum of three entries in an year.

  • Visa on Arrival - In order to promote medical tourism the Government of India has come up with Visa on Arrival (VoA) that can be issued on arrival in India. This Visa is granted for short duration to the nationals of Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Laos, Myanmar and Indonesia.

The Visa on Arrival of a tourist who falls ill after their entry into India rendering them unfit to travel and require specialized treatment may be converted into Medical Visa(MED) if they are eligible and medical certificate is obtained from the Government/recognized hospitals. Also the Visa on Arrival of the foreigner accompanying the tourist falling ill can be converted to the Medical Attendant Visa(MEDX) which is coterminous with the medical visa of the patient.

  • Bangladeshi Nationals - The medical travel permit for Bangladesh has been relaxed and the earlier condition of a two months gap between two consecutive visits to India has been removed.
  • Pakistan Nationals - Single Entry Medical Visa can be granted to the citizen of Pakistan whose sole purpose is to seek medical treatment in an established/recognized/specialized/reputed hospital/treatment centre in India on the basis of prior appointment for Medical treatment. One attendant is allowed to accompany the patient.

How does one make a choice between India and Thailand as a medical tourism destination?

Both India and Thailand are the World's biggest medical tourism destination, but India is definitely a clear winner because of the following advantages :-

  • Complex Treatment - Thailand specializes only in cosmetic procedures whereas India specializes in curative and complex procedures like cardiology(heart care), oncology(cancer care), kidney care, heart, lung and Bone marrow transplant, in addition to cosmetic surgeries.
  • English Speaking Staff - India is the largest English speaking nation of the world, so the entire hospital staff from doctors to the nursing staff are well versed in English and can relate to the patient's needs really well. Hence the patients as well as the attendants feel at home throughout the process of medical tourism in India.
  • Alternate Therapies - India is the birth place of one of the most effective alternate therapies know to mankind like Ayurveda and Yoga. Not only these therapies help the patients recuperate very fast but also detoxify the body.
  • NABH and JCI Accreditation - India has a national accreditation board just like the JCI by the name of NABH( National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Health Care providers which is a stringent accreditation and enforces standards that are at par with Global standards. India has a total of 19 JCI accredited and 183 NABH accredited hospitals.
  • More Cost Effective- A typical medical procedure costs 6%-20% of the US costs in India, whereas 10%-30% of the US costs in Thailandfor the same procedure. India offers treatments that are world class and at costs that are lesser than any of the medical tourism providing countries.

    For instance a knee replacement surgery in India would cost around $6000 to $9000 in an accredited hospital, whereas knee replacement would cost $10,700 to $13,200 in Thailand and $45000 in the US. Similarly a hip replacement surgery in India is going to cost $7000 to $9000 in India in an accredited hospital, whereas the
    same hip replacement surgery is going to cost somewhere around $12000 to $17000 in Thailand and around $50000 in the US.

Source : www.indushealth.com (September 14, 2010), www.medretreat.com (September 14, 2010), l www.bumrungrad.com (December 16, 2009)

  • Comparatively Cheaper Accommodation - The accommodation costs in India is very less as compared to other countries like Thailand, Singapore etc. It results in significant cost saving for patients who have to stay for comparatively longer periods for complex procedures like heart, lung, kidney or Bone Marrow transplant where the recuperating time is long( 1-2 months) before the patient can go home. The total cost of the medical travel keeps very low if the accommodation is affordable.


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