Medical Treatments in India

Rejuve India Meditour has associated with some of the most advanced multispecialty hospitals in India with the aim of providing access to world class yet affordable healthcare services to patients all over the world. Due to the growing compliance on international medical standards all these hospitals are accredited either by NABH(National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers), NABL(National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) or  JCI(Joint Commission International). We provide access to a range of medical treatments in these multispecialty hospitals equipped with state of the art medical equipments and techniques that are at par or improved than the western health care. India has become a household name for some of the most complex and sought after treatments in the world like cardiovascular surgeries, hip/knee replacements, lung/kidney/liver/bone marrow transplants which are performed with high degree of perfection and at around 1/10th the cost in the western countries. Success rate of Heart Bypass Surgery has reached 98% to 99.8% that is the highest in the world.

Dental Treatment in india / Dental Implants / Dental Crowns / Dental Veeners / Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental surgery or treatment refers to the diagnosis, prevention and cure of the diseases of the oral cavity, i.e. diseases of the gums, teeth and tongue. A lot of oral problems related to bad breath, tooth decay and cavity, cold sores etc occur as a result of bad oral hygiene. A lot of factors result in a missing tooth like decay, trauma or gingivitis for which dental bridges or the dentures were the usual solutions till date. Of late dentals implants have been introduced which are surgical replacements of the missing tooth, and are comparatively permanent. A lot of international patients come for a dental surgery in India because of the low cost of dentals implants in India as compared ..........Read More

Cosmetic Surgery in India / Rhinoplasty / Rhitedectomy or Facelift / Breast Augmentation and Reduction

In an era dominated by looks, everyone wants to have fabulous looks which are considered important in both personal and professional lives. A lot of factors such as age, smoking, birth defects etc can lead to undesired changes in the apppearance of an individual and thus shaking the confidence. Procedures like rhitedectomy or facelift, necklift, rhinoplasty or nose correction, otoplasty or ear correction, chin correction, eyelid correction are some of the most frequently methods to combat facial aging under cosmetic surgery in India. Cosmetic surgeries to enhance the appearance of the bosy includes breast augmentation, breast reduction, tummy tuck and gynaecomastia.Tummy tuck is the most commonly perfomed cosmetic surgery in India....Read More

Orthopaedics / Knee Replacement Surgery / Hip Replacement Surgery / Hip Resurfacing Surgery

Arthritis is a very common condition with age, in which there is lot of pain, stiifness and inflammation in the joints. It is one of the most common disease that restrict people from carrying out their daily activities with ease. Some of the most common joint replacement procedures are the knee replacement and the hip replacement surgery in India. A joint replacement surgery, whether a knee replacement or a hip replacement, is done to remove a painful joint in a person suffering from arthrities, with an artificial joint made of metal or plastic. The procedure is a last resort, when other methods to treat arthritis have failed and allows the person to resume activities once again....Read More

Oncology / Cancer Treatment in India / Breast Cancer / Liver Cancer / Lung Cancer / Leukemia / Lymphoma

Cancer is the name given to a broad range of disorders characterised by uncontrolled cell growth. Generally the cells in the human body divide at a controlled rate but sometimes this rate is unregulated and the cells grow in an uncontrolled fashion causing tumors which is a mass formed by the aggregation of these cells. The tumors could be cancerous, called malignant tumors or non cancerous, called benign tumors. Some of the common forms of cancers are leukemia, which is the cancer of the blood, lymphoma that is the cancer of the lymphocytes, breat cancer in women, lung cancer, skin cancer etc. A lot of research has been done to facilitate state of the art cancer treatment in India...Read More

Heart Surgery / Coronary Angiography / Heart Bypass Surgery / Open Heart Surgery / Angioplasty

 Heart diseases or cardiovascular diseases are the diseases of the cardiovascular system like the blood vessels, arteries or veins. A lot of reasons lead to cardiovascular diseases like a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, drinking, high blood pressure or diabetes Any irregularities in the normal rythm of the beating of the heart like if the heart is beating way to fast, or beating hard or skipping heart beats can be an indication of a heart disease and needs immediate attention. Bad eating habits, such as eating fatty or oily foods, also lead to the accumulation of fat and plaque or the cholestrol in the arteries and is one of the most common cause of a heart surgery. A lot of international patients come for a heart surgery in India, as it is one of the most successful range of surgeries performed with success rates of more than 99% in Indian hospitals.  ....Read More

Bariatric Surgery in India / Tummy Tuck in India / Liposuction / Gastric Band / Weight Loss

Lack of exercise, fast food and sedentary lifestyle are part and parcel of a metropolitan lifestyle and hence results in obese and ovrweight people. Obesity is both a cause of a lot of diseases like hypertension, cardiovascular diseases etc and also an obstacle in the self confidence of the individual. A bariatric surgery or tummy tummy tuck can be sought for both cosmetic or health reasons. A tummy tuck procedure involves reducing the excess fat and skin from the abdomen so as to reduce the weight and give a flat and firm look to the abdomen. The procedure helps in tightening the the sagging muscles after a major weight loss or after pregnancy. Because of a substantially low  cost of tummy tuck in India, as compared to other medical tourism destinations, India has become a hotspot for bariatric surgery...Read More

Opthalmology / Eye Surgery in India / LASIK in India / Cataract Surgery in India

Opthalmology deals with the disorders and diseases of the eyes, and the word means "the science of eyes". A lot of diseases affect the human eyes either due to age or some external factors. Disturbance of the vision, which is the most common occular symptom, can be sudden or gradual, may be unilateral or bilateral, can cause the loss of vision partially or fullly. A number of procedures of the eye like cataract surgery, refractive surgery, corneal surgery, vitrea retinal surgery and ocuplastic surgery are performed with high success rates in the best Indian hospitals. Most of the international patients come to India due to the low cost of the procedures like Lasik in India....Read More

NeuroSurgery in India / Neurological Disorders / Brain surgery in India

Neurological surgery or often termed as neurosurgery is the medical science concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of the disorders of the nervous system including the spinal cord, brain, peripheral nerves or the cranial cerebrovascular system. Some of the state of the art techniques used for the diagnosis of the neurological diseases and neurosurgery in India are CT(Computer assisted imaging computed Tomography) Scan, MRI( Magnetic Resource Imaging), PET(Positron Emmision Tomography) etc. Some of common disorders of the nervous system are spinal disc herniation, lumbal spinal stenosis, brain stroke, tumors of the spinal cord or peripheral nerves etc...Read More

Kidney Transplant in India / Liver Transplant  in India / Heart Transplant in India /  Lung Transplant in India  / Bone Marrow Transplant in India

Organ transplants refers to transplanting a live organ from a living person or a recently deceased one, known as the donor, into a person whose similar organ has been damaged or failed completely, called a recepient. A lot of organ transplantations including lung, heart, liver, bone marrow and kidney transplant in India, are performed with very high survival rates. Transplants are broadly categorised into two types autografts and allografts. If the organ is transplanted within the same person's body from which taken, then it's called an autograft, whereas if the organ is transplanted from a different donor, then they are called allografts....Read More

Renal Care / Urology

Renal care is the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases of the kidneys and making sure that the kidney functions are smooth. Due to a lot of factors like age, excessive medication etc, sometimes the kidneys cannot function properly and the basic function of removing the waste fluids from the blood. In patients with end stage renal disease or renal failure, some life-supporting treatments are required like dialysis which is a substiture for performing the functions of the kideney when none of the kidneys seem to work properly. Urology is a wider branch of medicine and encompasses treatment of the disease of the male and the female urinary tract system like the organs ureters, urinary bladder, kidneys, urethra etc....   Read More 

Gynecology in India

Gynecology or Gynaecology is the specialty that deals with the disorder of the female reproductive organs like the ovaries, vagina and the uterus. Most of the gynecologists are obstetricians as well and also look after the disorders related to infertility, pregnancy, child birth etc. Some of the common diseases of the female reproductive system are the ovarian cysts and tumors, infertility, urinary incontinence, menstrual problems, bloating etc. Some surgeries of the female reproductive system are hysterectomy(removal of the uterus), Oophorectomy(removal of the ovaries), Tubal Ligation(a permanent Sterlization), laparoscopy(diagnose abdominal pain).....Read More

IVF in India  / Infertility Treatment in India  /  Test Tube baby  in India

Infertility affect couples all over the world and hinders with the ability of a couple's conception of children. Infertility can affect both men and women, and it becomes imperative to treat infertility disorders for the harmony of a married life. Assisted reproductive techniques refer to a set of methods to achieve pregnancy when the natural methods have failed and include procedures like artificial insemination, intrauterine insemination, intracytoplasmic sperm injection etc. IVF, which stands for In Vitro Fertilisation is a breakthrough procedure in fertility, whereby eggs are harvested from the mother and are fertilized with the male sperm outside the body. Hundereds of childless couples who want to avail services of IVF in India, get back with a new hope for their own child....Read More

ENT in India / Otolaryngology

ENT which is an abbreviation for Ear, Nose, Throat is a specialty dealing with the diseases of these organs. The branch is also known as Otolaryngology or Head and Neck Surgery. The specialty encompasses a range of medical specialties like Otology which deals with which deals with the functional disorders of the ear and hearing, cosmetic and reconstrutive surgery like maxillofacial surgery, surgery after trauma, facial surgery, Rhinology and sinus surgery which includes disorders like sinusitis, sleep apnea and allergy etc. ENT also treats pediatric otolaryngology like cleft lip and palate, airway obstructions, velopalatine insufficiency and cochlear implants etc....Read More

Gastroenterology in India

Gastroenterology is the branch of science that deals with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, i.e the organs from the mouth to the anus. Its is a specialty to confirm the normal functionality of esophagus, stomach, intestines, gall bladder, pancreas, bile duct and liver. A gastroenterologist is a specialist understanding the functinalities of the  Some of the common diseases affecting the the gastrointestinal tract are Irritable Bowel Syndrome, stomach ulcers, peptic ulcers, stomach cancer or gastric cancer. The diagnosis of the gastrointestinal disease can be done via an endoscopy ....Read More

Spinal Surgery in India 

A healthy spine is the foundation of a healthy life. Due to a lot of reasons like trauma, sports injury, age, or degenerative causes, a lot of disorders of the spine can be very painful and affect the quality of one's life. A degenerative disc disease involves the degeneration of one or more of the intervertebral disc of the spine. The disease is characterised by a chronic back pain, which can radiate to the hips, legs, fingers or hands etc. Exertion of lifting of weight may also increase the pain. There may be pressure on the nerve roots or on the spinal cord, for which a spinal decompression or a lumbal spinal stenosis is performed which can reduce the numbness or pain in the legs.......Read More

Stem Cell Treatment in India

Stem cells are a certain category of cells which have the ability to divide and form new cells. This property of stem cells gave rise to a new form of treatment called a stem cell therapy. Under this therapy stem cells from one's own body or from a matching donor's body are taken and transplanted into the diseased organ or tissue in order to heal it. The stem cells then self-renew and yield significant improvements in the diseased tissue by giving birth to new and healthy cells. A lot of research centers have been set up by the hospitals to improve and facilitate stem cell treatment in India...Read More

Plastic Surgery in India / Reconstructive Surgery in India

People who have suffered a wound from a trauma or burn, that is restricting them from going out and feel confident among others, a plastic or reconstructive surgery is a very useful procedure. Usually the skin is taken from a skin rich area such as a thigh, known as the donor site and transplanted to the affected area, so as to hide the wound or burn, called the recepient site. A lot of reconstructive surgeries of the ear and the nose are performed in the same manner to enhance the appearance of the facial features. A lot of women go for a breast augmentation or a breast reduction procedure in order to achieve the perfect curves. A lot of super-specialty hospitals excel in performing plastic surgery in India. Read More..


Another form of treatments that are natural and gained popularity as they are free from any side effects are Alternate Therapies like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Unani, Sidha, Yoga, Spas, Meditation etc. Alternative medicine has helped many people by giving them an alternative to conventional medicine's negative side effects, high costs and natural beginnings. India is the birthplace of the most popullar form of alternate medicine known to mankind, the Ayurveda. Yoga, which has become a popular form of physical exercise was originated and still practiced widely in India.


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