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About Us

Rejuve India Meditour Pvt. Ltd.is the leading organization facilitating medical tourism in India. An ISO 9001:2008 certified organization with processes in place to enhance customer satisfaction and to consistently provide services that meet customer expectations. The company operates out of the heart of New Delhi city, which itself is the capital of India and infrastructurally the most advanced city of India.

Rejuve India Meditour is a patient-centric organisation that is run by eminent professionals specializing in various industries like Health Care, Hospitality, Tourism, Travel and Information Technology. These professionals strive to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction and to make the most advanced healthcare servcies available, in the most cost effective prices to patients coming from all over the world.

Our Mission : To let the patients all over the world avail the most advanced healthcare services at the most affordable prices via medical tourism in India.

Our Vision : To offer the world, the best that India has to offer in terms of healthcare both through advanced surgeries as well as alternate therapies such as Ayurveda, Yoga, spas and many more.

Our Ethics

  • Patient-Centric : Rejuve India Meditour is a patient-centric organisation and not a hospital-centric one. We work in the best interests of the patients and keep in mind the affordability and other preferences of the patients.
  • Professionalism: Rejuve India Meditour is an organisation that is run by eminent professionals who have a lot of experience in industries like healthcare, hospitality, travel & tourism etc.
  • Transparency : Rejuve India Meditour has transparency in all the processes. We provide an obligation free medical opinion from the best doctors in some of the accredited hospitals in New Delhi. The patient can choose to pay directly to all services providers i.e. hospitals, hotels etc or let Rejuve India Meditour manage everything on their behalf.
  • Culturally Sensitive : Rejuve India Meditour provides services keeping in mind the cultural practices, food preferences (halal meat) and other Persian religious beliefs and practices. The team at Rejuve India Meditour strives to achieve cross cultural capabilities, cultural understanding,contextual understanding, and collaborations to provide culturally appropriate health care services.
  • Patient Satisfaction : The measure of our success is how satisfied our patients are. Each of the Rejuve India Meditour executive strives hard to deliver unparalleled services to the patients and their attendants throughout their stay here in India.
Our Distinguished Advantages

  • Our Associations : Rejuve India Meditour has collaborated with world class Hospitals and Health Care providers most of which are NABH, NABL and JCI accredited. Our patients get preferences in the entire treatments process in these hospitals.
  • No waiting Time : The treatments starts the day Patients land in India. We understand the importance of an early assessment and treatment and make sure that the initial consultations and medical diagnostic tests are done the day the patient arrives in India.
  • 24/7 Availability : Rejuve India Meditour provides 24*7 support throughout the period for which the patients and their attendants in the form of travel assistance, local cellular contact, and multi-cuisine food. International help desk could be reached anytime at +91 9555 88 77 00 .
  • Operating out of Capital city of India - Rejuve India Meditour operates out of New Delhi, which is not only the Capital city of India but also the safest, infrastructurally most developed, globally accessible(Biggest International Airport of India), home to the country's best hospitals, and a tourist place as well as a tourist friendly city.
  • Most Competitive Prices : Rejuve India Meditour provides the most competitive prices not only internationally but also among the various medical tourism organisations in India,

From the Director's desk

We at Rejuve India Meditour want to convey a message to any patient in any part of the world that our team would strive hard to get you treated in a world class super specialty hospital here in New Delhi, and provide unparalleled services to the patients as well as the attendants. Its our promise that one who associates with Rejuve India Meditour would always cherish the decision of availing quality healthcare services via medical tourism in India. We wish you a satisfying treatment, a speedy recuperation and a healthy rejuvenation.

Our Team

Is your doctor too busy to give you an appointment in the near future? Or do you find it too costly to pay for the treatment required for your illness? Is there no medical centre or hospital in your vicinity to provide the treatment required by you?

You don't know which doctor to go to? Then surely we are right people to take care of your problem. At Rejuve India Meditour, we are prepared to provide you the best treatment by the best doctors with latest procedures at state of the art medical centres equipped with the most modern equipment..

Our Affiliates:

  Name: Vaishali Bhide

  Occupation: Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

  Location: New Jersey, USA



Welcome to Rejuve India Meditour which rejuvenates the soul, heals the body.

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