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Corporate Employees' Healthcare Programmes

Corporate Affiliation: The costs of critical healthcare have been going out of the reach of the common man in some of the most developed nations of the world. In some countries like the United States, the costs have been out of control and are among the highest in the world. As a result of this, more and more companies are considering outsourcing medical care of their employees to trusted medical tourism destinations providing world class healthcare services at almost 10% to 15% of the costs of the same procedure, back in the home country. It has been reported that the companies which outsourced their employees' healthcare to a medical tourism destination like India, saved millions that would have been spent otherwise in almost the similar healthcare services in their home companies.

Rejuve India Meditour offers the Corporate Organizations and Insurance Companies, customized plans for outsourcing the medical treatments of their employees and beneficiaries to us. We can help organizations cut a lot of expenses by making the employees receive world class treatments in superspeciality hospitals at a fraction of the costs back in home country. Our core services have been designed keeping international patients in mind i.e. cultural sensitivities, food preferences and language diversity. Be rest assured, the quality of healthcare provided to your employees is never compromised as almost all the hospitals that we have associated with are JCI( Joint Commission International), NABH( National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Health Care Centers) and NABL(National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) accredited. NABH and NABL are national accreditation boards in India and enforce a stringent list of quality guidelines to be followed by the accredited hospitals.

Rejuve India Meditour provides the following services customized for the overseas employees of the partner Corporate companies outsourcing the healthcare to us :

Consultation with one of the best Doctors of India

As soon as we receive the medical reports and the details about the medical condition of your employee, Rejuve India Meditour assigns a case executive The case executive presents the case to one of the best doctors in an internationally accredited hospital and can discuss your case. We then get back to you providing the consultation from the doctor and the treatment/surgery advised. We also establish an online video conferencing so as to make the patient and the doctor interact face to face before the patient makes his mind for medical travel. Please note that all the medical consultation before the patient goes ahead for medical travel, is absolutely free of cost and any sort of obligation.

World Class Medical treatments in JCI, NABH and NABL accredited Super-specialty hospitals

Rejuve India Meditour provides access to a plethora of medical treatments available across some of the most advanced hospitals equipped with state of the art equipments and a pool of the internationally qualified doctors. we strive to provide you the most competitive prices for a variety of treatments that are unparallel across the world. For example, the cost of knee replacement surgery in India or dental implants cost is around 10% to 20% as compared to the costs of surgery in the US.

Some of these treatments are :

Visa Assistance to your employees for the purpose of Medical Travel

Rejuve India Meditour can assist you employees to obtain Medical visa from your country by providing an invitation letter or any other Visa clearance formalities. A foreign national needs Medical Visa(MED) for the purpose of medical travel to a medical tourism destination. The attendants if any travelling with the patient need a similar Medical Attendant Visa (MEDX). We assist the patients and the attendants in getting both kinds of Visas.

Airport Pick and Drop

Rejuve India Meditour picks your employees from the New Delhi airport on their arrival in India and also drops to the airport once the patients and the attendants head back to their home country after being healed. Rejuve India Meditour also provides Ambulance equipped with life support system to assist patients who are critical, right on their arrival at the airport.

Comfortable stay for the employees at hygienic hotels

Rejuve India Meditour provides cost effective accommodation in guest houses and hotels in New Delhi, which is very close to the hospital where the patient is being treated. We make sure that your employees feel at home throughout the process of medical travel.

Dedicated local travel facility

Rejuve India Meditour provides a dedicated cab for your employees to travel to and fro from the hospital to the hotel and vice versa, or for other requirements. The local cab and the driver is just a call away. Throughout the process of medical travel we assist the patients and the attendants for their movements to hotel, hospital, shopping etc.

Ambulance Services for critical employees

Rejuve India Meditour provides ambulance equipped with all life support equipments, wheel chairs and nursing staff to patients who are critical or are unable to travel in the cab comfortably, on their arrival the airport and during the course of further treatments and stay.

Interpreters so that your employees always feel at home

Rejuve India Meditour has a pool of interpreters who can communicate effectively in almost all the foreign languages including English, Russian, Arabic, Persian etc. They can understand the concerns and the requirements of the patients and can make the entire process of medical travel a pleasant experience just like Home. Language is never going to be a barrier in the entire process of your medical travel.

24*7 support

Rejuve India Meditour provides a mobile handset with a local SIM card to the patients/attendants so as to assist to be in constant touch with the Rejuve team. The support people are available 24*7 for any sort of assistance.

Multi-cuisine food

Rejuve India Meditour provide access to multi-cuisine food to the global patients as per their preferences and food habits. We take utmost care while dealing with patients of Islamic beliefs so as to prepare food( e.g.meat is halal for Islamic patients) as per the religious beliefs.

Currency Exchange Services for your employees

Rejuve India Meditour provides currency exchange services to the Global patients.

Alternate Therapies and Wellness Tourism

Along with conventional medical tourism that focuses on high end surgeries in super specialty hospitals, Rejuve India Meditour provides various alternate therapies for patients to recuperate or cure altogether like Spas, Ayurveda, Unani ,Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Aromatherapy, Accupressure, Sidha, Yoga etc. These medicines and therapies usually take a longer time to heal but are free from any side effects.

These alternate therapies are known to make the patient recuperate very fast and also detoxify the body. Ayuervedic medicine the the ayurveda panchkarma are some of the most sought after wellness treatments by a lot of foreigners. Panchkarma is an ayurveda retreat, which detoxifies the body using five procedures i.e. Vamana, Virechana, Nirooha, Nasya and Anuvasana. A great way to relax and get away from the stress and melancholy of metropolitan lifestyle is spa retreats.

We provide customized wellness packages in some exotic luxury spas and spa resorts that would make one feel out of the world and rejuvenated.

We look forward to a long and fruitful association with your organization for the harmony of your employees.

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