Our Process

Our Process

Following is a step-by-step guide of the entire process of medical tourism for reference of the international patients.

1) Patient wants to avail advanced medical services outside of home country.

2) Patient/Attendant contacts Rejuve India Meditour support after going through the website, or other media like
words of mouth, personal contacts.

3) Patient/Attendant explains the medical condition of the patient and treatment sought. The patient/attendant also fills the Request A Quote form which is a comprehensive questionnaire about the patient's medical history, local doctor's prescription, known allergies etc.

4) Rejuve India Meditour presents the case to one of the best doctors in some of the accredited multispecialty hospitals and the doctor gets back to Rejuve India Meditour with the suggested procedure, surgery, duration of stay. Rejuve India Meditour Pvt Ltd may also arrange for a video conferencing session over the internet so as to make the doctor patient conversation more interactive and face to face.

5) Rejuve India Meditour gets back to the patient discussing the course of treatment advised by the doctor, and an approximate cost that is inclusive of medical procedures, hospital stay, Surgery, Consultation, Room Rent of hospital, Investigation, Nursing, Patient Diet, Ward consumables, Drugs

Note: It is to be noted that the patient can ask as many questions from the doctor or Rejuve India Meditour Pvt Ltd before finally deciding to come to India for getting the procedure done. Rejuve India provides all the consultation with the doctors till this point absolutely free of cost.

6) Patient is satisfied with all his queries and makes his/her mind to come to India to get treated. The patient sends the details of arrival in India.

7) Rejuve India Meditour prepares the travel, lodging itinerary and sends it across to the patient.

8) Patient and the attendants arrive in India and are picked up by Rejuve India Meditour case executive. The executive escorts the patient and attendants to the hotel so as to relax after a tiring journey.

9) The treatment starts the same day or the day after arrival at the designated hospital. All the pre medical check-ups and tests are conducted so as to ascertain the medical treatment required. The patient makes the payment to the hospital.

10) The procedure is conducted as scheduled.

11) The patient is constantly monitored for post operative complications is provided a constant physical therapy and progress check.

12) The patient recuperates after the procedure. The patient can also opt for alternate therapy like ayurveda, spas or yoga
for a speedy (for which we have separate packages).

13) The patient/attendants opts for one of the exciting Rejuve India Meditour tourism packages, which can also be combined with some of the Rejuvenation packages that are customized for a speedy recuperation after a surgery.

14) After recuperating fully the patient returns home, with the soul rejuvenated and the body healed.

15) Rejuve India Meditour assists the patients to avail follow up care, medicinal prescriptions and check ups over the internet with the doctors who treated them.


The team of Rejuve India Meditour Pvt Ltd is constantly engaged with the patient at every step and helps the patient
undergo the entire process of medical tourism with ease. We assist the patients throughout their stay in India right from the arrival till the departure after getting healed. Some of out distinguishing features that we have embedded in our process are as follows :-

1) Patient Information Security - Rejuve India Meditour Pvt Ltd understands the importance of the Patient's information and
keeps the personal details, demographics, doctor's prescription, and all health related information provided by the patient,
private and inaccessible to anyone outside of Rejuve India Meditour Pvt Ltd.

2) Patient Information Database - We maintain a comprehensive database of all the patients who are registered with
Rejuve India Meditour Pvt Ltd so as to make the information fetching just a one click affair. We maintain information
regarding the patient's demographics, known allergies, prescribed medicines and dosage, prescribed and proscribed diet, and future follow up dates. We also send reminders to patients regarding their follow up dates.

3) Culturally Appropriate Treatment - Rejuve India Meditour caters to patients and tourists coming from all the world and
provides services keeping in mind the cultural practices, food preferences (halal meat for Islamic patients) and other
religious beliefs and practices. The team at Rejuve India Meditour strives to achieve cross cultural capabilities, cultural
understanding, contextual understanding, and collaborations to provide culturally appropriate health care services.


4) Follow Up care - Rejuve India Meditour Pvt Ltd fully understands the importance of the follow up care after the patient
returns home. Our support team caters to the follow up patient with equal diligence and arranges for doctor-patient
interactive sessions through media like telephone calls, video conferencing over the internet, emails etc. Our team is
proactive and sends reminders to the patients on the advised dates of follow up.


















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