• 30 September, 2016
    Rare Bypass Surgery Successfully Performed At Sunshine Hospital, Hyderabad

    Cardiologists at Sunshine Hospitals in Hyderabad have successfully performed a unique operation, for the first time in the world, where the patient's chambers of the heart were rotated and coronary arteries were in abnormal position.

    The patient, 52-year-old Mohd Mahboob Shamsuddin, was suffering from mesocardia, a rare medical condition in which the heart is rotated, pointing to the center of the chest and not in its normal position pointing to the left. The patient said that he had discovered the abnormality after investigations were done following a heart attack.

    ‘The successful bypass surgery has helped to increase the patient’s heart pumping rate from 35% to 50%.’
    This condition affects two out of one lakh people.

    The patient has recovered well and was able to walk in a matter of just three days after the operation, said Prateek Bhatnagar, who performed the bypass surgery. All the chambers of the heart were rotated and in abnormal position making the surgery difficult and risky, Dr. Bhatnagar said.

    Dr. Bhatnagar said the patient had triple vessel disease with only 35% pumping of the heart. "I used the technique of total arterial revascularisation. The heart was neither stopped nor cut anywhere during the entire operation. No cut was made on the legs either as only arterial grafts were used from inside the chest and left forearm." after the surgery the pumping increased to 50%.

    He said the bypass surgery was complex and unique as there was no description of this surgery in the medical literature. "The operation was not only the world's first, but high risk too and it will be reported in the medical journals," Dr. Bhatnagar said. He was assisted by Shubhi Bhatnagar, while anaesthesia care was provided by Rajmohan, Subramanyam, said Gurava Reddy, Managing Director of Sunshine Hospitals. 

    Source: Medindia

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